Early Years

In 1996 CLINT started out as four friends from school playing lousy cover versions of their favourite bands. Very soon self-composed songs came in, broaching such relevant issues like comics, ice cream or the dislike of certain schoolmates.

In 1998 guitar player Olaf left CLINT. So, continuing as a three piece, the young heroes went on by rehearsing and playing shows. Many demos were recorded in that time, showing a straight development from punk to good punk to even better punk.


Boys becoming men, sporadic concerts becoming the first real tour: together with their buddies from MAY SIXTEEN (R.I.P.) CLINT went on the "tour 0E". Finally, 2004 was the year for the debuting album "To Live In Guilt" and another tour.

Today, CLINT are happy and proud to still be a band even though work and studies have set the three guys scattered throughout Europe. "Wings Not Included", the band's second album, will be released in September 2009. There'll be more shows, more songs, more beers. CLINT know how melodies double up with anger fueled energy to form a kick ass song that will get stuck in your head while moving your feet.

Name dropping

CLINT are glad to have played with the following bands: Adjudgement, May Sixteen, My Enemies 12 Mistakes, Naomi Sample, Anti-Flag, Sommerset, Waterdown, ZSK, US Bombs, Mad Caddies, Down By Law, Union 13, Flat Stanley, The Heartbreak Motel, Tribute to Nothing, Red Lights Flash, The Movement...